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Drug-Aware Ltd has been providing drug and alcohol testing kits and drug awareness training for over 7 years.

We supply a diverse range of customers from people interested in home drug testing, to NHS hospitals, the British Police, Prisons and companies across the UK.

Our drug and alcohol test kits are FDA approved and CE marked ensuring reliability. They are supported by free training and are available for delivery the next day at short notice.

Visit www.drug-aware.com for all of your drug and alcohol related requirements or follow the links in the navigation menu to the left of this page for more information.


Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training and Policy Development

Training and Consultancy Services - Drug Awareness, Drug and Alcohol Policy Development and Implementation


 Drug-Aware Drug Test Kits, Testing Cassettes and Multipanel Tests

Drug-Aware On-site Rapid Drug Test Kits - very cost effective!

Drug-Aware 7 Drug Integrated Test Cup

AlcoScreen saliva alcohol test kits

Alcohol Test Kits - Saliva, Urine and Breath Alcohol Tests

Alco-Check Breath Alcohol Test Kits / Breathalyser

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